FDLE: Florida crime rate dipped slightly in 2011

985 murders occurred in Sunshine State last year


ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida's crime rate is the lowest it's been since the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began tracking statistics in 1971.
FDLE released a report Monday that said the number of crimes committed and the crime rate dropped slightly in 2011.
The number of crimes tracked by the agency dropped 0.1 percent while the crime rate, which factors in population growth, dropped by 0.8 percent.
There were 985 murders in 2011, a drop of two from the year before. Similarly, forcible sex offenses were nearly the same as the year before, with 9,886 reported in 2011, or six fewer than the year before.
Overall, the number of violent crimes dropped 3.7 percent while the number of non-violent crimes like burglary and larceny increased 0.4 percent.