Skull, bones, explosives found in home

South Daytona police investigate rare artifacts, findings


SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. – A human skull was found on a shelf inside a South Daytona home, where bones and explosives were also discovered, according to authorities.

The human remains were found Sunday at a home in the 2100 block of Pope Avenue.

According to South Daytona police, a contract worker hired to clear the home as part of an estate sale found what she believed to be C-4 explosives. Caroline DeLannoi said she and her brother then called police, who asked the Volusia County Bomb Squad to remove the items. 

"I think he is a guy from Florida that grew up in the woods that liked to go where the Indians were and used to go into these springs and find these pieces of pottery," she said.

Police said they believe the homeowner served in World War II. The elderly couple who lived in the home was recently placed in an assisted living facility.

"Investigators interviewed the gentleman's brother who said 20-30 years ago
he was doing offsite excavating and had taken some Indian artifacts," said Lt. Ron Wright of South Daytona Police Department.

Later in the day, DeLannoi also found a container believed to be lithium, a chemical that is highly flammable, and mercury, according to police.  A hazmat team packaged and removed the chemicals, and no one was injured.

During the investigation, a skull and bone remnants were also found.  The skull was discovered on a shelf in the living room of the home, and the bones were found in a box in a shed, police said.

A medical examiner was contacted, and the remains were placed into evidence at the South Daytona Police Department. It's not known how old the artifacts are.

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