SpaceX again delays historic flight to ISS

Delay comes 2 days after test-firing


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – The first commercial cargo run to the International Space Station  will have to wait at least a few days longer.

SpaceX announced Wednesday that it needs more time to complete tests on the Falcon 9 Rocket and to analyze the software controlling the Dragon capsule.

The news comes two days after a full launch dress rehearsal, including a test-firing of the rocket's engines at Cape Canaveral.  However, SpaceX says the new delay does not stem from the test.

The Falcon 9 was due to lift off May 7; The earliest new launch date would be May 10.

When it does launch, the Dragon will become the first private supply ship to dock at the ISS.

SpaceX believes the same capsule can eventually ferry astronauts to the ISS, eliminating the need to pay Russia for space on Soyuz rockets.

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