Bear spotted in Orange County, falls from tree

FWC tranquilizes, removes bear from tree


ORLANDO, Fla. – A bear has been safely removed from a tree in Orange County on Friday afternoon, marking the third bear found near downtown Orlando in the past few weeks.

Local 6 news helicopter Sky 6 flew over scene where the bear was spotted in a tree on Long Street near Orange Blossom Trail and the State Road 408 Expressway.

Local 6 spoke to one of the men who first spotted the bear.

"Oh man that was a really big surprise to see the bear in the city," the man said.

Part of the road on Long Street was blocked off as Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities shot the bear with a tranquilizer gun and held out a tarp to catch the bear as it fell out of the tree.

FWC said it believes the bear is the same one reported near Magnolia Avenue and Marks Street Friday morning. FWC plans to take it to the Ocala National Forest.

FWC says most of the bears found in metropolitan places are young, disoriented bears trying to find a new home after being pushed out by more dominant males ahead of breeding season. In the past few weeks, FWC has had to relocate at least three from the downtown area.

FWC believes the bear came from the Wekiva Springs area. FWC officials said they plan to hold the bear overnight so he will be alert and ready to go on Saturday, as it could take hours for him to fully wake up.

Watch Local 6 for more information.