Officers spray for mosquitoes in Orange County

Heavy rains create breeding grounds for mosquitoes


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Mosquito control officers fanned out across Orange County to spray for the upcoming onslaught of the pests after heavy rains.

In Orange County, officers spent Monday evening spraying for the pests in three districts, hoping to target some of the biggest mosquito hot spots.

Experts said many complaints had poured in from the Winter Park area recently, but other areas are slowly starting to see problems as well.

In the Lake Nona area, as walkers and joggers caught the last remaining seconds of daylight, a fogger creeping through their neighborhood was a welcome sight.

"It is bothering me and I have long pants," said Darlene Munez, who already felt a few bites and rushed to get her newborn back home -- afraid the mosquitoes might starting biting the little one, too.

She's already taken precautions both to go outside and even to stay indoors.

"We don't let the garage open or anything like that," said Munez. "We try not to be outside that much and we try to go out whenever we see that there's a breeze."

Evening walkers have already started adjusting their plans as summer heats up, rains falls, and mosquitoes breed millions of more annoying pests. Many are concerned, especially because of diseases like West Nile.

On Friday, the Orange County Health Department sent out a warning, advising people to put on bug spray, to clear out standing water, including in gutters, pots, and dog bowls.