Local 6 launches free app to connect your TV computer

ConnecTV synchs show with social media


ORLANDO, Fla. – Do you use your computer or iPad while watching TV? If you do, you're like a lot of Local 6 viewers who use two – or more – screens at once in your busy life. Local 6 has just launched a new social TV app that connects what you're doing online with what you're watching on TV.

ConnecTV syncs instantly with the show you're watching, sending you extras like commentary, background information, play-by-play stats for sports and additional details on news stories.

It also allows you to hear what other people are saying about what you're watching – and lets you join the conversation.

Using ConnecTV, viewers can invite friends to join them for viewing parties and chat about their favorite shows and sports events. You can connect seamlessly through Twitter and Facebook.

The ConnecTV app is free and is currently available for PC computers and iPads. To download it for your computer, go to www.connect.com. For the iPad, download it through the Apple Store. iPhone and Android versions will be a available in the next few weeks.