Police: Man exposed himself while driving on I-95

Man charged with indecent exposure after witness report


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Volusia County deputies have charged a man with indecent exposure after they say he was caught masturbating while driving on Interstate 95 on Thursday.

Ronald Ayers, 36, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure in public after another driver called in with his tag number after she said she spotted Ayers masturbating while driving down I-95 in Ormond Beach, deputies said.

According to the report, Ayers was driving around exit 275 on I-95. Ayers told authorities he was hitting drum sticks against his steering wheel as he drove his commute to Jacksonville. He told authorities that the witness mistook his drumming on the steering wheel.

Deputies searched Ayers' Chevy Astro van and found two sets of wooden drum sticks between the two front seats, resembling Ayers' skin color, according to the report. The witness was re-interviewed by deputies and said she had a clear view of Ayers in his van and said "it was not possible" she mistook the drum sticks.

The witness is pressing charges against Ayers.