Police: Waitress skimmed customer credit cards for reward points

Rosalina Martinez, 22, charged with using scanning device to defraud


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police have arrested a waitress at a downtown Orlando restaurant accused of using a scanning device to steal customer credit card information and use it to put extra reward points on her credit card.

Police said Rosalina Martinez, 22, was witnessed by her manager using a "skimmer" about 15 times while working at the New York Deli on South Orange Avenue. The manager contacted authorities on Monday and police went to interview Martinez.

According to the report, Martinez ordered the skimmer and received it in the mail the day before. She said she wanted to swipe credit cards and email the information to someone else so she could get points/miles on her own credit card.

Martinez said she didn't want anyone to see her skim the credit cards because "people would think she was doing something wrong with the information," according to the report.

When asked what she thought would happen with the information she skimmed, Martinez told police she thought it would probably be used for fraud. Martinez is being charged with using a scanning device to defraud, a felony charge.