Detectives create task force to investigate cold case homicides

Participating officers now have police powers in Orange and Osceola counties


ORLANDO, Fla. – Detectives from a dozen police departments announced Friday morning they will join together in a two-county task force to investigate a number of homicide cases.

The 20 detectives assigned to the multi-agency task force were sworn in earlier this week and now have police powers anywhere in Orange and Osceola counties.

Starting Friday, nine police agencies will be working together to try to solve some of the area's most mysterious crimes.

The new homicide investigation team, called J.H.I.T. for Joint Homicide Investigation Team, will take 20 investigators from different agencies and team them up with six homicide prosecutors from the State Attorney's Office.

Orange and Osceola Sheriff's Offices are not involved in the task force because they do not have jurisdictional boundaries like police departments do.

Once up and running, J.H.I.T. will target some of the more than 150 cold case homicides in the area, in addition to new cases as well.