Drivers happy with falling gas prices

Prices fall 2 cents overnight Saturday


ORLANDO, Fla. – Overnight Saturday, gas prices fell 2 cents, and drivers hope that trend continues into the summer.

Drew Lish said he spends about $60 a day filling up his gas tank, something he does twice a day.

"I am a driver. Drive all day, 300 miles a day. Every penny it goes down, it saves me money," said Lish.

But with falling fuel prices, it means more money to bring home.

This summer, four out of five Floridians plan on taking a vacation, according to AAA. Half of them will hit the roadways with a goal of keeping the cost of their getaway below $1,000.

Kathy Cambra isn't one of those Floridians.

"I can't afford a vacation but gas prices should be going down, helping a lot of people, just not me," said Cambra.

She drives 50 miles to and from work.

"It's hard but I have a job and I have to take what is available. It's hard to get a job. My husband is unemployed, too," she said.

Andrew Saxon said his car dealerships have already felt the effects of falling gas prices.

"We saw a slowdown when gas prices were higher, people trading in bigger, looking for fuel efficient. Now we are selling more Escalades again. It's helping," said Saxon.