Truck teeters on edge of reported sinkhole in Marion County

No injuries reported, officials say


MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A sinkhole has opened up at a Marion County business on Monday morning, according to Marion County Emergency Services.

The 30-foot-wide sinkhole, located at United Van Lines on SW 52nd Avenue, has a truck that is reported to be dangling off the edge.

Emergency management officials said it appears that all of the rain in the area slowly built up all day Sunday and in the overnight hours, the ground just gave away and collapsed, leaving a 15-foot-deep hole in the ground and that hole could grow even more.

Surveyors will be testing the stability of the ground in Ocala. Officials said what is key is whether or not more of the ground underneath the concrete erodes and with heavy rain , they say that could be a possibility.

Tropical Storm Debby, which has rain pouring into Central Florida on Monday morning, causing tornado watches across all counties.

No injuries have been reported as a result of the sinkhole.

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