Seminole County Church Teams Up With School District to Stop Homelessness

Northland Church Volunteers Help Homeless Kids, Families


LONGWOOD, Fla. – Northland Church trained 40 volunteers help homeless kids and families. The church just opened a new Family Advocacy Office. Volunteers will work directly with families in need and help them get resources to end their homelessness.

"They come in and after the very first meeting you actually see they have some hope," said Diana Ludwig who just started volunteering.  "The only thing you need is a big heart and the desire to help someone who might be less fortunate."

"Children should not be sleeping on other people's floors, on their couches, in motel rooms and certainly not in their cars," said Beth Davalos  from Families in Transition which is part of the Seminole County School District.  Davalos said homelessness in Seminole County has grown 10 percent  since the issue was exposed in a 60 Minutes special.  There are now close to 1800 homeless children in the county.

Davalos says the biggest thing volunteers can do differently than the school district is give families individual attention.

"It's overwhelming. They're in crisis," Davalos said.

Northland voluteers are already healping 20 families.  The Family Advocacy Office wants more volunteers.  For information head to northlandchurch.net