Timeline to the Cady Way Murders

How two teens met their death in matter of hours

ORLANDO, Fla. – This is a minute-by-minute timeline of how, on April 15, 2012,  16-year-old Nick Presha and 18-year-old Jeremy Stewart met and, deputies say, were later murdered by Jesse Davis and Hector Rodriguez. It is based on Orange County sheriff's office records, including witness statements.

12:48 a.m.: The two victims loiter at the Racetrak at  7090 Aloma Ave., and, at 1 a.m., persuade Rodriguez to purchase a six-pack of Bud Light for them, since they are underage. They join Rodriguez and join up with Davis.

2:04-2:47 a.m.: The victims are seen at the Steak n Shake at 443 N. Semoran, Winter Park, smoking outside and eating inside with Davis and Rodriguez.

2:52-3:05 a.m.: All four drive in Davis' mother's 1998 Toyota Avalon to the Citgo at 6732 University Blvd. Davis persuades a homeless man to buy them a six-pack of Miller beer after the store had officially stopped alcohol sales for the night.

Over next two hours and 40 minutes: All four drive to Goldenrod Park, 4863 North Goldenrod Rd., then Davis and Stewart leave for the Stewart family home to retrieve two stolen handguns Stewart is offering to sell to Davis and Rodriguez. Presha and Rodriguez stay at the park, until Davis picks them up and all four go to Davis house. at 5101 N. Orange Avenue.

While at the house, Davis decides to rob the victims, strikes Stewart in the mouth, chipping a tooth and causing blood spatter. Davis and Rodrguez have them strip naked and bind them on the floor, after Davis fires a warning shot. Rodriguez gives Stewart cocaine and Xanax to ease his pain.

5:47 a.m.: Jesse returns to the Citgo, parking car hastily at pump and, detectives say, appears "preoccupied with and concerned about the vehicle … engaged with something in the vehicle trunk." He opens trunk and accesses it repeatedly, lowering the lid but not closing it as he enters to prepay about $5 for gas. It is unclear if he pumps gas into the car or into a gas can.

6:41 a.m.: Bicyclist calls 911 to report burning bodies on Cady Way Trail.