Jack Russell terrier 'Tucker' missing since June

Dog owner hoping burglars return her cherished pet


KISSISSMMEE, Fla. – A heartbreaking loss for a woman who told Local 6 burglars busted into her home and stole everything she cherished, including her dog. Now, she's hoping someone sees her Jack Russell terrier, Tucker, and calls deputies.

Faye Johnson said she's even offering a reward, and has posted fliers all over Kissimmee and St. Cloud. After the burglary, she installed a gate and security, but she doesn't feel at home without her companion.

The break-in happened off Reaves Road in Kissimmee.

"They knocked the glass out of the French doors and just walked right on through the door and proceeded to take whatever they wanted. Including my dog. I missed two days of work because I cried so much over her," said Johnson.

Of all the things thieves took from her home, she never thought they'd take her dog. Johnson said what happened to her is a shocking reality for anyone with a pet.

"They took things that were very sentimental, but nothing compares to taking my dog," she said. "I would give anything to get her back."

She locked the 3-year-old dog in her cage, but when she came home and realized she had been robbed, the cage was empty.

"I saw she was gone and I just went to pieces. I couldn't even talk," said Johnson. "It's heartless. What kind of lowlife would do that? What kind of person would take a live, breathing thing from somebody? A pet. A member of the family."

She still keeps Tucker's toys, hoping she comes home.

"And I still go to the windows, to the doors, everywhere, checking to make sure she's not out there wanting in. Hoping maybe she gets away from whoever's got her and comes home," she said.

Johnson thinks the thieves took one look at her adorable pet, and couldn't resist taking her along with anything else they could sell.

Johnson said someone saw a suspicious truck pulling away from her house around the time of the burglary, but so far, no leads on finding Tucker.