Free vision screening for students this week

'The Eye Place' sponsoring event

ORLANDO, Fla. – Local student families will be able to get free vision screening during a three hour one day event this Wednesday at the newest Orange County Elementary Charter School, Kid's Community College.

In a press release issued today, The Eye Place, co-sponsor of the event with the charter school, said one out of four students will start the school year "with an undiagnosed vision problem that could interfere with learning."

This free screening is an opportunity for families to avoid becoming a statistic.

According to the release, studies show that only "31% of children ages 6 – 16 have an annual eye examination, and 70 percent of children under 6 have never had an eye exam."

The Eye Place is a member of a private practice of optometrists called Vision Source.

The group has decided to open the event to both students and adults.

Vision Source says no appointment is needed for the screenings .

The Campus is located at St. Paul's Church, 1450 Citrus Oaks Ave., Building 200, Gotha, FL 34734.

The event will run on Wednesday, August 1, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.