Report: School districts across the nation implement teacher dress codes

Jeans, piercings, tattoos among the items being banned


DETROIT – A growing number of school districts across the country are cracking down on what teachers wear in their classrooms by establishing dress codes for instructors, WDIV-TV reports.

For an example, in Wichita, Kansas teachers are no longer allowed to wear cutoff shorts, pajama pants or flip-flops. In most cases, schools are doing it because they believe some teachers are dressing inappropriately and parents are complaining.

Schools across the country are moving to ban tattoos, jeans, skinny straps and piercings.

An article found in USA Today says the move comes at a time when the number of public schools requiring uniforms has nearly doubled over the past decade to 19 percent, reports the National Center for Education Statistics. The center doesn't track teacher uniforms or dress codes.