Study: Coastline is healthiest place to live

United Kingdom study surveyed more than 48 million people


ORLANDO, Fla. – Some of Central Florida's healthiest and happiest people might be living in Brevard, Flagler and Volusia County.

A new study from the United Kingdom says coastal living could actually be better for your health.

University of Exeter researchers surveyed more than 48 million people and found that people who live inland were less likely to report having ratings of "good health" than people who live closer to the coast.

More research is needed to extrapolate the reasons for why living by the coast seems to be linked with better health, but researchers wrote in the Health & Place study that they think "these effects may be due to opportunities for stress reduction and increased physical activity."

Florida is has the second longest coastline in the United States with over 13 hundred miles. It's second only to Alaska.