Video shows 7-Eleven clerk yelling at customers

Man captures video of clerk chasing after his car


ORLANDO, Fla. – A customer at an Orlando 7-Eleven captured video of the clerk who he says yelled at him and his son.

Chris said the incident happened after he went inside the 7-Eleven at the corner of Delaney and Michigan on Friday with his son to buy ice cream.

Chris posted three videos to YouTube showing the clerk walking around the store and then suddenly running at the man and shouting.

WATCH: [WARNING, Content may be graphic] YouTube video | YouTube video 2 | YouTube video 3

"I couldn't believe that an employee inside of a 7-Eleven would act like that... I've never been treated like that inside of any place," said Chris.

Exactly what happened before the camera started rolling is unclear, but after the initial attack, the videos go on to show the woman arguing and calling for her manager.

A second video -- taken while Chris and his son were driving away from the store -- showed the employee chasing down Chris and screaming at him.

"I being followed by this lady and I'm an armed citizen," said Chris in the video.

Chris said he posted the videos online as a way to get back at the woman. He also created a third video, which he admits is an attempt to make fun of the entire incident.

After seeing the videos, the owner the store fired the employee.

Local 6 has not been able to contact the former 7-Eleven employee.