Marco Rubio stumps for Mitt Romney in Orlando

Senator challenges president's policies ahead of Winter Park speech


ORLANDO, Fla. – U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio spoke to supporters of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Orlando just hours before President Barack Obama held a campaign event in Winter Park.

Rubio attended a Romney rally at Harbco General Contractors on 34th Street in Orlando, and Florida's junior senator touted Romney's economic plan while ripping Obama's stance.

"Thanks for having -- at this business that Barack Obama thinks he built -- what time did he come in to work today?" Rubio joked, referring to Obama's recent comments that business owners have received help in getting to where they are.

After a long applause from the estimated crowd of 100, Rubio continued to rip Obama.

"Things will never get better under Barack Obama because he doesn't understand what made us great," Rubio said.

The senator, who wouldn't address rumors about a possible Romney-Rubio ticket, said Obama doesn't have the proper policies -- freedom and free enterprise.

"This is a choice between remaining exceptional or becoming like the rest of the world, and we will not become like the rest of the world," Rubio said.

Rubio's visit came hours before Obama spoke at Rollins College in Winter Park. The president focused on three focal points during his speech:

  • Extending tax cuts for middle-class families
  • Highlighting tax cuts passed during his four years in office
  • Cutting the country's growing deficit responsibly