America's largest home designed on back of envelope

Ilseworth's 'Versailles' started as sketch by David Siegel


ORLANDO, Fla. – "I guess I used too big of an envelope," joked David Siegel of his original sketch for what would become a 90-thousand square foot home in Isleworth.

The timeshare mogul and his wife Jackie are still building the expansive mansion, known as 'Versailles.'

The couple and the home are now the subject of the documentary "The Queen of Versailles", which follows the Siegels' life of luxury and their apparent financial collapse during the nationwide economic downturn.

Construction halted on 'Versailles' for several years and is up for sale for $100 million. 

The Siegels told Local 6's Lisa Bell in an exclusive interview that their timeshare company, Westgate Resorts, is now as profitable as ever and they've resumed construction on the property.

It includes 9 kitchens, 30 bathrooms and an indoor ice skating rink. 

The Siegels say the film, which opened in select cities last month, was supposed to center on the building of the largest home in America but actually focuses on the Siegels financial demise.

Siegel said the filmmakers exaggerated the truth.

"They showed an empty sales room and right next door was a busy sales room," he said.

His wife is upset about how she is portrayed in the film.

In one scene she is shown asking a rental car company if the vehicle comes with a driver.

"I was joking around with the guy at the counter you know, but maybe I could have hired the guy maybe he could have driven me if I wanted him," she said with a laugh.

The film will debut in Central Florida at the Enzian theater in Maitland on Friday August 17.

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