SeaWorld: Rescued pilot whales fed solid food

3 whales fed solid food; Still receiving tube feedings every 4 hours


ORLANDO, Fla. – Three of the four rescued pilot whales were fed solid food, but remained in critical condition Thursday, said SeaWorld Orlando officials.

SeaWorld Orlando's animal rescue team transported the four short-finned pilot whales from Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute's Rehabilitation Center in Ft. Pierce, Fla. to SeaWorld Orlando

The juvenile whales, one male and three females, are the only surviving whales from a mass stranding last Saturday that included 22 short-finned pilot whales at Avalon State Park in St. Lucie County.

SeaWorld said the three older whales were fed squid in the morning but were still being fed with a tube every four hours. The tube feedings will continue until they eat solid food consistently on their own.

SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team members tried giving the youngest female a bottle of formula that SeaWorld created for the first time , but in the mean time will tube feed her every four hours, too. 

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Courtesy: Catie Goldstein