Credit card stolen from car, used at Walmart

Police search for culprits in car burglaries


ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – Thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles in Rockledge looking for credit cards. The crooks then immediately use the stolen cards across the state. Two people were recently caught on camera using stolen cards at a Walmart store in Cocoa.

"I don't know if the credit card was maybe given to them or they actually did the burglary," said Rockledge police detective Carlos Quiroga.

In the surveillance video from Walmart, a man in blue jeans and green shirt walks around casually, while his female accomplice is at the cash register trying to buy a flat screen TV with the stolen credit card. The price tag: $736.46.

"To make a major purchase, you have to go in somewhere where there is some video footage and they took a chance and that's what I think happened," said Detective Quiroga.

The card was denied. Their spree finally coming to an end after using it successfully at two 7-11s and a Hess gas station.

The card was stolen from an unlocked truck in Rockledge just hours earlier. The owner finally realizing it was gone, canceled the card. Police say there's been about a half dozen similar cases.

"There are people from different areas of the state that (are in) a ring that go over to different counties and burglarize these vehicles and that's specifically what they work for," said Detective Quiroga.

Those two people in the surveillance video are still on the run. If you know who they are, call Rockledge police. Many victims tell Local 6, they though they had locked their vehicle, but possibly hit the wrong button on their fob.

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