New 'little library' project in Thornton Park vandalized

Library was part of corridor art project


ORLANDO, Fla. – A little library in Thornton Park designed to share books with strangers was found vandalized on Thursday.

The library outside Thornton Park's Urban Rethink store was just one piece of the "Corridor Art Project." The idea to take a book or leave a book whenever you want day or night was quickly catching on.

But this week Dina Mack, an employee at Urban Rethink found the little bookshelf in pieces. The glass was smashed and metal screws were pulled and twisted.

"It was on the ground like someone had ripped it off the tree," Mack said Thursday.

Whoever it was and whatever their reasoning, no one reported the vandalism to the police.

"We're speculating it was someone who had too many drinks that came down ... maybe someone got fired from the library," said Pat Greene, jokingly .

People hope once the little library is back up and running, others passing by will be a little more respectful.

The library on Central Boulevard won't be open again for about two weeks, but there is another little library outside Armstrong's Locksmith off North Mills Road.