Orlando cancer therapy dog diagnosed with disease

Conrad the black lab battles bone cancer, helps cancer patients find peace


ORLANDO, Fla. – A key member at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando is helping patients beat cancer in a way only he can do.

For seven years, Conrad the therapy dog has brought joy and comfort to cancer patients at MD Anderson.

Conrad's owner, Amy Morton, says the black lab has devoted his entire life to helping cancer patients find peace and hope and he loves going to MD Anderson.

"They say (dogs) don 't know colors, but as soon as I put on my uniform and get his backpack out he goes nuts," said Morton.

But these days, as Conrad makes his rounds, his work has taken on a whole new meaning.

Conrad was diagnosed with bone cancer six weeks ago. He underwent surgery and just completed four weeks of daily radiation.

So now, Conrad is celebrating.

When patients at MD Anderson complete their treatment, the good news is heard through the halls with the traditional ringing of the bell.

After years of helping others achieve that goal, now it's Conrad's turn.

"I've seen other people ring the bell and just how excited they are and I want to be that excited you know," said patient Charles Lundell.

For patients like Lundell, Conrad can do things no doctor can.

"I've seen him around the hospital before and it's nice to forget, just to pet the dog you just be a kid and pet a dog again," said Lundell.

Patient Stephen Klap said, "It's an accomplishment! I mean you have to go through a series of treatments and when you finally do finish that set of treatments, to ring the bell, it's quite important."

Important and inspirational. Conrad's owner pointing out, despite the many weeks of poking and prodding while undergoing his own treatment, he never stopped wagging his tail.

Conrad's vet gives him a good prognosis which means he'll likely be walking the halls at MD Anderson for years to come.

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