Orlando-area glitches arise in new Apple maps

Landmarks mislabeled, details missing


ORLANDO, Fla. – Many couldn't wait to get their hands on the new iPhone 5, but already critics claim Apple's maps application isn't up to snuff. Several glitches in the maps appear nation-wide, but also in the Orlando area.

Search for the Kennedy Space Center and maps will take users to the Space Coast, but the address it's associated with is in Orlando, more than 50 miles away from the landmark.

A quick search for Disney World takes iPhone users to a remote section of Disney's complex nowhere near a parking lot to any of the theme parks.

When users look at the map for Orlando side-by-side in Google Maps and Apple's maps, Apple's system provides less detail as well. For example, in Apple's map application Disney World is not outlined as it is in Google's version.

Local 6 spoke to tourists along International Drive who say they depend on their smartphones to get around the Orlando area. Some even say the Apple glitches disuade them from buying the Apple device.

"If the glitches are true then I don't want an iPhone. I'll just stick with my good old reliable Thunderbolt," said Jeffrey Childress.

Michael Perez works in the tourist industry and he says he's worried faulty information from an iPhone could lead someone away from his business.

"We depend on people trying to find us on the maps and that becomes not only a problem for our business, but for us as well," he said.

An Apple spokeswoman has been cited by several national media outlets calling the software a work in progress. Apple says it's working quickly to improve the maps feature.