Teacher suspended; suspected of being high on drugs in class

Elizabeth Edmonds, 30, on unpaid suspension


LEESBURG, Fla. – Lake County school administrators have extended the suspension of a teacher accused of being high on drugs while on the job as a third grade teacher.

Fellow staff members at Treadway Elementary School in Leesburg, FL believed Elizabeth Edmonds, 30, was acting strange September 12, said district spokesman Chris Patton. The principal took Edmonds for a drug test, which she failed, and was immediately removed from the school with pay that day, said Patton.

"It's extremely rare, and it's something that's very alarming definitely," said Patton, who went on to say teachers are not routinely drug tested and are only tested for drugs as part of their initial employment screening.

Two weeks later, parents are angry they were never notified about the issue with the teacher.

"They should drug test the teachers," said Megan Barrett, who has a third grader at the school. "I never heard anything about this until now. It's kind of really shocking to know that we send our kids to school for somebody that's on drugs to teach them."

Now, parents want to know why they were never told about Edmonds, even as district leaders met Monday to discuss her suspension.

The school district did not call law enforcement or perform a search of her belongings and so it's unclear if she had any drugs with her at the school, said Patton.

Parents are convinced students in her class may have realized something was wrong.

"With the kids nowadays, with the way the world is, I'm pretty sure they probably suspected something," said Barrett.

Edmonds did not come to the door when Local 6 stopped by her house.

Patton said this is Edmond's fourth year teaching the third grade and she's never had any problems before and she passed her initial drug test when she was hired.