Travelers affected by Sandy touch down in Orlando

Flights from NYC make it to,from OIA


ORLANDO, Fla. – As flights start opening back up, travelers stranded in the northeast because of Hurricane Sandy are making their way to Orlando.

Al and Debbie Huss were stuck in Philly, waiting for a flight for the past two days.

"We're looking forward to four days of fun with our granddaughters," said Huss.

They're headed to Disney World, and so is Rock Harper and his family, who just got in from DC.

"Yea we were supposed to be gone for a week, so it's a shortened trip, but it was really hard getting out, half the flights are still cancelled in DC, the airport is a mess," he said.

Beth Kryger of Orlando slept on the floor of the DC airport last night.

She and her friends were stranded there after running in the Marine Corps marathon this past weekend.

"I am so happy to see Florida, I've never been so happy in my life," she said.

Gene Davis of Kissimmee got stuck in Jersey in the process of going to a funeral.

"Just a lot of waiting, communicating with our jobs to get back," he said.

Melissa Udekwu and her daughter Lilly drove from Jersey, through the storm, to catch a flight out of Pittsburgh to make it to a wedding this weekend.
"The grocery store, everyone was out of water, bread, all that kind of stuff- we were hunkering down," she said.

Udekwu says the good weather in Orlando, means her daughter can trick-or-treat.

"We have the costume in the bag and we're ready to go!" she said.