Man arrested in Volusia County Halloween party shooting

Shooting near Samsula investigated


SAMSULA, Fla. – Officials have arrested a man on charges of aggravated battery after they say he  shot another man in the leg at a Halloween party in Volusia County.

The shooting occurred overnight off Watermelon Lane in the Samsula area near New Smyrna Beach.

Jason Osheim, 25, was arrested Thursday after witnesses identified him in a police lineup and reported hearing Osheim brag about having a gun on his person before the shooting occurred.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, deputies pulled over a vehicle in Port Orange and discovered that a man inside the car had been shot in the leg.  The man said his friend were taking him to a hospital after he was shot at the party.

The shooting victim was expected to be OK.

Osheim stated to police that he did not realize he had shot the victim's leg and only meant to fire a warning shot into the ground. According to the police report, Osheim believed the victim was holding a knife and was in fear of his life when he fired the shot in self-defense.

The victim told police he had not taken the knife out of his pocket during the altercation with Osheim.