Caught on Camera: School bus drivers running red lights

Orange County drivers under investigation

Bus drivers running red lights
Bus drivers running red lights

ORLANDO, Fla. – Two Orange County school busses were caught on camera running a red light at Hiawassee and Old Winter Garden Roads. It's unknown if students were on board.

The violation happened earlier this year at 8:52 in the morning.

"Certainly any school bus running a red light, that's a very, very serious infraction," said Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette.

Local 6 showed the disturbing video to Sublette, which included images of another bus that blew through the intersection of Oak Ridge Road and Texas Avenue.

"I have three children in public school myself and they ride school busses on occasion and again, we take student safety very, very seriously," said Sublette.

Orange County Superintendent Barbara Jenkins said, "We want all of our students to be safe every day. We want our drivers to follow traffic laws."

Jenkins says the district has a negotiated discipline plan with the bus driver's union. According to the plan, running a red light results in a written reprimand and four points on a driver's record, if they get ten points in 12 months, they're dismissed.

"I think we have to give drivers at least the benefit of the doubt. If they are not a safe driver than they are probably going to accumulate points pretty rapidly and they won't be able to drive our students," said Jenkins.

The bus drivers' names and the number of points they've accumulated over the past year was not immediately available Thursday night. A district spokeswoman tells Local 6, the driver pays the $158 fine resulting from the violation, not the district.

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