Religious books give out as Halloween 'treats'

Mother says books are racist and offensive

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Halloween treats that are racist and offensive.

That's what a mother in Southwest Florida is saying about the stuff her kids brought home a few nights ago.

Mixed in with her children's candy were small comic books that appeared to be religious in nature.

One of them featured a Middle Eastern boy who blew himself up in a crowd of people.

Another comic said that only white babies, not black ones, are faithful to Jesus.

That mother, who doesn't want to give her name, is really upset because she doesn't know who gave the comics to her kids.

"If you have something to say and you believe something, that's fine. But don't give it to children," says that mother. "This is hate. You are just spreading hate in our community."

The company that makes those comics is based in California, and mainly writes about religion.

That mother is now trying to figure out which house her kids got the books from.