Timber Creek Homecoming King wins over school's heart

Students crown special needs student as king


ORLANDO, Fla. – At Timber Creek High School, you can forget what you know about popularity, thanks to the teenagers who crowned a special needs student as their Homecoming King.

When Ian Morris walks into a high school football game, you get the feeling he's a kind of celebrity.

"I didn't realize the scope of his popularity," said his mom, Lynne Morris.

She knew others recognized him from his weekly TV spots at school, but she never thought they'd accept a "special" student -- at least not like this.

A month ago, students nominated Ian to the homecoming court. That was shock enough. But then, fellow students crowned him Homecoming King.

"When they announced that he'd been elected the Homecoming King, my jaw just dropped to the ground. I was, at that point, in total disbelief of what I was seeing," said Ian's dad, Kevin Morris. "And the cheering that went on afterward, it wasn't like only part of the student body cheering, the whole place erupted. It was a lot to take in."

Ian keeps the crown in his bedroom and like any kid, beams each time he puts it on.

"That night was just a daze," said Lynne. "I couldn't believe they were chanting his name. That was really cool."

Ian Morris proves high school is not what we remember.

"I think it's his personality. It's who he is. He's just special, all around," said Lynne.

She said the real story is the students at the school who have always supported Ian, and accepting him.

Next year, he'll get to come back on the football field to pass the crown to the next Homecoming King.