New android app offers social network updates


Smart phone fans who have trouble keeping up with the people and issues most important to them can buy an app that delivers "relevant information" with the help of a new Android app called "Current."

Lori Roth, the director of mobile products with WhitePages (www.whitepages.com), says the new app "helps you break through the clutter by providing social updates all in one place, when you need it the most – right when you are about to pick up the phone to call someone or as they are calling you. Roth says Current is also the "perfect conversation starter for friends, family and even business acquaintances."

Another high tech perk in Current's smart phone arsenal is "live local info from the caller or texter's location, such as weather and news."

According to a recent online Harris Interactive Study 88 percent of smartphone owners use an app like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay in touch on their smartphone with their contacts.

The app is available at the Android App Store now.