Sex offenders told not to dress up for Halloween

Community Justice Coalition targeted 1300 sex offenders

Florida law enforcement worked together this Halloween to make sure sex offenders had no contact with trick-or-treaters in 11 counties.

Prior to Halloween, probation officers from the Florida Department of Corrections  told registered sex offenders and predators not to take part in any aspect of the holiday, including not offering candy to children, not decorating their residences with Halloween decorations and not to greet any children who may come to their residences.

They were also instructed to not dress in costumes or take their own children trick-or-treating or go to any Halloween parties where there might be minors present.

The DOC teamed up with county and city law enforcement in the effort to visit the residences of every sex offender and predator on community supervision in the 11-county area.

Offenders not complying with the terms of their supervision were subject to immediate arrest.  

Law enforcement agencies and probation officers from Brevard, Indian River, Lake, Marion, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Polk, St. Lucie, Seminole and Volusia counties participated in the operation.