Chicken wing prices rising to all-time high for Super Bowl

Average price is 55 cents higher than last year's

Glazed chicken wings will give you 61 calories per wing, with 33 of that from fat. You'll get 4 grams of fat in total and 178 mg of sodium. (Danilo Takano/SXC)

Super Bowl tickets aren't the only commodity with skyrocketing prices this year.

Chicken wings are seeing a huge rise in costs, to the point where wholesale prices will reach an all-time high on Super Bowl Sunday, reports the Huffington Post and the National Chicken Council.

Between Jan. 4 and Jan. 10 of this year, the average cost of one pound of chicken wings in supermarkets was $2.52, compared to $1.97 during this time last year. A spokesman for the National Chicken Council explains that higher corn feed costs means companies produce fewer chickens.

Although wings are the most expensive part of a chicken, restaurants usually plan ahead by ordering plenty of wings in advance. Grocery stores, however, aren't as forward-thinking and will often run out early, the National Chicken Council said.

All told, the council predicts Americans will consume 12.3 million fewer than on last year's Super Bowl.