Drill readies officials in event of catastrophe

Officers, deputies, FBI agents instruct teachers at Orlando school

ORLANDO, Fla. – Officers, deputies and FBI agents charged into a downtown Orlando school on Friday, but don't worry, it was all a drill aiming to keep kids safe.

The drill took place at St. James Cathedral School on Ridgewood Street, just north of Lake Eola.

If a gunman opens fire in a school, how prepared are students, teachers, or law enforcement?

In the drill, students are playing ball in gym class, when suddenly a gunman storms in, opens fire.  Immediately, two students are hit, lying helpless, taking shallow breaths.

Two minutes in, officers arrive, and one is shot.

"Every time I would hear a gunshot, I jumped," said Donna Witherspoon, principal at Lady of our Lourdes in Melbourne.

It was just a drill, but we've seen how this can be reality.  On Friday, multiple agencies wanted the teachers, students, administrators to see just how real it could be.

School officials took notes on how to prepare.

Officials say they planned this drill before Sandy Hook, but those tragic events just escalated the importance of being prepared.