Central Florida to see 50-degree swing in temperatures

Freezing conditions hit Marion County for hours

A blueberry field on Arlington Avenue in Mims.
A blueberry field on Arlington Avenue in Mims. (Donna Daley)

ORLANDO, Fla.Freezing temperatures invaded Central Florida for the second straight day, but a gradual warmup throughout the week will lead to 80-degree weather by the end of the week.

The low temperature in Orlando early Monday morning reached 35 degrees, but temps in Marion County plummeted into the mid-20s.

"The wind added to the problem, making it feel like the teens in parts of Marion County," Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said.

The high temperature will max out at 67 degrees in Orlando.  The overnight low will hover around 50 degrees.

"And then, we're talking about a big warmup on the way," said Bridges, noting that from Monday's low to the weekend high will span about 50 degrees.

Tuesday's high will be 78 degrees, with a 20 percent chance of rain. 

By Friday and into the weekend, high temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s, with no chance of rain.

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