College students get 'pay it forward' Valentine

Strangers pay for couple's dinner bill

Random act of kindness: students get dinner paid for by strangers. They posted this photo on Reddit.

PITTSBURGH, Penn. – The kindness of strangers is often found in the form of a door held open, or spare change for a bite to eat. But what about paying for a $250 dinner for someone you have never met?

That is exactly what happened to a college-student couple on Valentine's Day. The pair was dining at Pittsburgh's Eleven restaurant, when a couple sitting nearby sent them a card with a note that said: "Random Act of Kindness: The only request is that someday you pay it forward. In the meantime, enjoy your youth, enjoy friendship, enjoy love. Be good to each other and good luck."

One of the students posted this photo on social new and entertainment website Reddit, and said the generous couple quickly left the restaurant. The students said the waiter got a generous tip, as well.

The students said they planned "pay it forward" next year, and pay for a couple's meal then.

"This was the nicest restaurant I've been to in my life," one student wrote. "Back to Ramen noodles for the rest of the semester."

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