FHP troopers laugh during deadly crash hearing

Victim's family found behavior 'appalling'

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating seven of its troopers after a video revealed them making jokes during a hearing for a former colleague involved in a deadly crash.

The hearing was for Detrick McClellan, who was responding to a call in Tallahassee and driving 100 miles per hour. He lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a car, killing a woman and hurting two others, including a child.

The FHP fired McClellan last year.

The November hearing was dismissed, however, when the trooper investigating the crash didn't show up. Apparently, the troopers in court thought it was funny.

On the video, a trooper can be heard responding, "No one here objects,  judge.  There's no objection. Come on, are you all 'Candid Cameraing' me."

The victim's family called the troopers' behavior "appalling," and said McClellan's fellow troopers were cheering him on for killing someone.

CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford says the case could actually be reinstated because of the way it was handled.

The FHP says it's investigating the seven troopers involved and making clear ethical standards expected of troopers.