Local abortion coupon commercial features actress Kate Hudson

Hudson's rep says clinic did not have permission to use her image

ORLANDO, Fla. – A controversial abortion clinic in Orlando is now using the picture of a Hollywood celebrity to advertise for an abortion coupon.

Just seconds into a YouTube video that advertises coupons for the Orlando Women's Center, actress Kate Hudson's picture appears right before an image of a doctor and an offer for $100 off.

The commercial shows a series of pictures of smiling women along with a web link to the abortion coupon, but Hudson appears to be the only celebrity featured in the ad.

In an email to Local 6, Hudson's publicist said the actress did not approve the commercial.

"I can confirm that this use is unauthorized and we had no knowledge of it," said Brad Cafarelli, Hudson's rep.

Dr. James Pendergraft is the owner of the abortion clinic behind the ad. He would not comment on camera about the commercial, but told Local 6 the video was not supposed to include any celebrities.

Dr. Pendergraft is no stranger to the spotlight. In June, Local 6 was there when collection agents seized examination tables and other office equipment after he failed to pay a $36 million legal judgment.

A patient successfully sued the doctor over a botched abortion when her child survived the procedure, but was born with severe disabilities.

Dr. Pendergraft's license has also been suspended by the state several times, including for performing illegal abortions, but with the help of other doctors, he still runs five clinics in Central and South Florida.

As for this latest controversy, Dr. Pendergraft said he knew the commercial was in production, but never saw the final product and he'll ask to have Hudson's picture removed.

About the Author:

Lisa Bell has been in Central Florida since 2007, covering the big stories that impact our community. Lisa was promoted to News 6 evening news co-anchor in May 2014.