Man arrested after impersonating officer, Port Orange police say

Police originally arrest man on loitering, find police paraphernalia in car

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – Port Orange police have arrested a man on Wednesday they say was impersonating a police officer.

Joseph William Naeckler was initially arrested on loitering and prowling charges but officers searched his car and found items leading them to believe he was impersonating an officer, police said.

According to the report, Naeckler had police lights on his dashboard, a gun in his waist band, a police scanner in his cup holder and an assault vest with multiple rifle and handgun magazine on the passenger seat of his Chrysler 300 SRT.

Naecker also said he studied officers and that he knew how the parked, some of the officer mannerisms and which officers were right-handed and left-handed, according to the report. He said it would be easy to "take out a cop" because he had studied their actions so much.

Naecker faces charges of impersonating an officer, counterfeit plates and unlawful use of a police badge.

Police said they believe he is the same 29-year-old that fled police on July 29.

Naeckler, a former security guard for the Kennel Club, was taken to Volusia County jail where he is being held on $95,000 bond.

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