Improve your mood with superfood

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nutritionists say there is a new way to beat the blues, by altering the foods you eat.

"If you look at how we are now compared to 50-60 years ago, overall we are pretty stressed out," said nutritionist Kim Olson.

Olson said they are natural ways to attack stress, by first analyzing how much you sleep. Less sleep means more stress, according to Olson.

"Melatonin is known as the sleep hormones and it helps regulate our sleep cycles and one of the richest forms of it is cherries," said Olson.

Olson recommends buying cherries or you can get it as a drink called "Relax Me."

When you're stressed out, you tend to reach for comfort foods or filling the sugar craving.

"My favorite herb for that in the whole world is saffron," Olson said. "Saffron is wonderful for sugar cravings. They've done research on it, it helps with depression too."

Olson said saffron is a flower and helps with snacking between meals. Olson suggests looking at your pantry and replacing what you're eating now with more healthy options and superfoods.

"If you start incorporating more superfoods naturally you're going to stop some of not so good things for you," Olson said. "You start doing that I'm telling you within weeks your sleep, energy, your skin, overall well-being will totally increase."

Olson said goji berries are called "happy berries" that can boost your mood, mind and memory.

"Goji berries are known as happy berries," said Olson. "I take them all the time, I love goji berries.

You can find out more on Kim's blog.