Spending too much on your cell phone bill?

AT&T, Sprint or Verizon customer, SaveLoveGive will help you figure it out

What's bigger, a gigabyte or a megabyte? And do you know how many you used on your cell phone last month? If you don't know the answer to those questions, there's a good chance you're paying too much for cell service.

There is a website service that can help you lower your bill and save $100 a year.

The Fisher family of Montgomery loves their smart phones. Their Sprint plan includes a phone for all four members of the Fisher clan, mom Jennifer, dad Josh, 16-year-old Bayle, 12-year-old Zach, their grandma and a tablet.  Combined, they pay about $420 a month.

"It's like a car note," said Jennifer Fisher.

According to SaveLoveGive a cellular consulting company, Americans overspend an estimated $52.8 billion on their phone bills every year.

After years of working for Verizon, Todd Dunphy and Tom Pepe struck out on their own to start SaveLoveGive, a web app that helps consumers cut out all of the stuff they don't need on their cell phone plans.

"Most people don't even know what they have," Dunphy said.

He added that about half of the people that try SaveLoveGive save about $300 a year. You just give the site access to your last online bill, and SaveLoveGive provides you with the information to help you save

"It's gonna say, here's the plan you're on. Here's four plans you could be on," explained Dunphy.

Local 6 wanted to check it out, so we asked 10 viewers for their most recent bills. SaveLoveGive found savings for seven of them. They found $165 in savings for Jennifer and Mark Kahler and $228 in savings for Jessica and David Fancher. They found the most savings for the Fisher family, for $994 a year.

"Cha-ching!" said Jennifer Fisher when we told her the news.

"Can you think of what you'd do with that money?" Davis asked Fisher.

"Something more fun than paying a cell phone bill!" she answered.

The biggest place the Fishers can save is by dropping the insurance they pay for each device. That would save them $52 a month and $624 a year.

"They would have to be going through phones every single month for that to even start to make sense," said Dunphy.

On top of that $624 in premiums, if the family makes a claim, they'll pay another $150 deductible for a refurbished phone. After spending $774, Dunphy said they could just buy a brand new phone.

The Fishers had $17.91 in charges for calling 411.

"That's literally just dialing 411 on your phone and getting information," said Dunphy.

"I can blame that on my mom, " explained Fisher. "She does have a smart phone, but she's not real savvy with it, so that's probably just the easiest way she can think to get a phone number she needs."

Fisher said she'll be explaining Google to her mom since it's free and right on her phone.

The biggest mistake Dunphy said most consumers make is paying for too much data.

"Don't think you need that unlimited plan when you've never, ever used a gig," he cautioned.

If you're an AT&T, Sprint or Verizon customer, SaveLoveGive will help you figure it out.