Massage may help your dog's aches and pains

Treatment improves circulation, flexibility


ORLANDO, Fla. – Getting a massage doesn't just feel great -- it can also help our bodies heal.

But, humans aren't the only ones who can benefit. Dogs are now being treated with the same massage techniques.

One of those pets is Kylie -- a fun-loving therapy dog who needs a bit of therapy herself.

"She a fused bone in her leg, so when she came to the owners, she had a significant limp," says Jerry Hess, an animal massage therapist.

He's working Kylie on the massage table, just like he would a person -- using pressure and strokes where it's needed.

"I work in a particular rhythm, which is the dog's own internal rhythm," says Hess.

This treatment isn't just soothing for Kylie. It's massage with a purpose, called Canine Kinesthetics.

"My job, from session to session, is to gauge her overall symmetry, movement, and to keep this area supple," says Hess.

He adds that the massage, which is done in the dog owner's home, improves circulation and flexibility, and is like a form of exercise because the skin and muscles are being pushed and pulled.

In fact, Hess says that one session is the same as a 30-minute walk for Kylie.

Kylie's owner says that she's seen a big improvement in her dog, beyond the physical mending.

"I've seen a lot of personality change," says Barbara Nelson. "She's a lot more confident, she carries her head up."

Each massage session costs between $50 and $100, on average.

There are several places in the Orlando area that offer canine massage.

The first is Rocky's Retreat on Shader Rd. in Orlando, just off of N. John Young Parkway. To learn more about the massage treatment there, click here.

Another place is Orlando Dog Massage. You can learn more about that company by clicking here.