Owner says dog adopted at Orange Co. Animal Services had metal stuck inside

After year of infections, woman finds object in dog with private vet X-Ray

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando woman wants to know how a foreign object may have ended up inside the dog she adopted from Orange County Animal Services.

[PICS: Dog found with object inside]

Stephanie Wooster says the object was revealed in an X-Ray taken of Jager by her private veterinarian when an infection around the area where he was neutered kept flaring up.

Wooster said she didn't mind paying for the vet visits and medication, but when Jager was still getting the infections a year and a half after he was adopted, her vet gave her some advice to get X-Rays.

"There's obviously something in there," she siad.

She says the X-Rays showed something that looked like a piece of metal was inside the dog. Her vet told her to bring Jager back to animal services.

Orange County Animal Services ran new X-Rays, which didn't show the object.

"They said there must have been something on the X-Ray table," Wooster said.

Local 6 asked Orange County Animal Services spokeswoman Diane Summers about the case.

"Our veterinarian fully examined Jager, and noted he did have scar tissue as a result of his neuter, which occurred one year prior."

But they didn't find any foreign object.

So what happened?

For now, all we have are two very different X-Rays of the same dog.

Wooster says she doesn't want to take any major action against Animal Services, she just wants to make sure other animals are being cared for.