Report: Family kicked out of Universal Orlando over T-shirt

Family says park security was rude over "police" shirt

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A family from Jupiter, Fla. was reportedly thrown out of Universal Orlando because of a T-shirt the father was wearing.

WPTV reports the T-shirt, which says "police" on it, was given to the father by his brother, who is a police officer.

Universal security said no one can wear a shirt that says "police" on it unless he or she is a working officer.

The family, which was at the park to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen, agreed to buy a new shirt, but said Universal security became rude and aggressive.

The family said security told them "don't bother, you guys are out of here" and that if they didn't leave they would be arrested for trespassing.

The family didn't get to see the Blue Man group, but got a refund for the $500 they spent on tickets.

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