Altamonte Springs apartment besieged by bats, tenant says

Dry bat droppings can cause cold-like symptoms, scientist said


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – An Altamonte Springs woman says bats are living in her apartment, and she fears they're making her children sick.

Lovette Hayes lives in Promenade at Uptown in Altamonte Springs and says she's taken her 10-month-old to the doctor three times in the past week.

She believes his bad cough may be an allergic reaction to the bats that are living in the walls and attic of her apartment.

"He hasn't been sick in such a long time so for it to come up right after we saw the bats, it's very scary," she said.

Hayes moved in three weeks ago, and since then, she says animal control officers removed a bat that flew into her living room, and what she believes is bat urine, is stinking up her kitchen.

"Ting ting, ting, and it gets louder, it sounds like a loud rat almost," she said.

University of Florida entomologist William Kern told Local 6 that when bat droppings dry out, they become airborne, and may cause coughing, a runny nose and watery eyes.

The apartment complex had a wire device installed to help get the bats out of the apartment, but Hayes says she is not sticking around.

"We're here just to pack our stuff up to leave, because we can't be here. It's not a safe environment," she said.

The property manager agreed to let Hayes out of her lease, but declined our request for an interview.

They say they are taking care of the problem in Hayes' unit but wouldn't comment on whether or not bats were a problem in other areas of the complex.