Cops identify woman found wandering in Longwood

Woman was unable to tell authorities, hospital officials who she was


LONGWOOD, Fla. – Seminole County Sheriff's deputies say they are now able to identify the woman who was found wandering last week in the area of Hunt Club Boulevard and Wekiva Springs Road in Longwood.

"She was wandering around and her behavior was unusual," said Kim Cannaday, spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office. "She was partially clothed, so there were indicators something wasn't right."

[WATCH: Woman found wandering speaks at hospital]

Deputies confirmed someone came forward Thursday night after they had released the woman's photo and video of her in the hospital, after staff there couldn't identify her.

"The hospital contacted us yesterday and said she hasn't been able to communicate with them, so they don't know who she is or where she came from," said Cannaday.

Deputies said the woman only carried a bag filled with extra clothes, a wig and some old pictures. They had even brought in a dozen translators to figure out what language she speaks and fingerprinted her, but nothing had worked.

"It does appear she hears and understands what we're saying," said Cannaday. "She's just not able to communicate to a level we can understand what she's saying."

An investigator is still working to verify the information of the person who came forward.