Motivation to live healthier at 'Take the Challenge'

John McGivern, Emily Edwards will step on scale to show their progress


LAKE MARY, Fla. – Looking for a little motivation to stay on course with your diet? Need some ideas for living a healthier lifestyle?

Look no further than the Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine "Take the Challenge" weigh-in event at the Lake Mary Farmer's Market this Saturday.

The event marks the second weigh-in for ambassadors John McGivern and Emily Edwards.

The two are taking part in a year long healthy living transformation.

The event is an opportunity to show the community how all their hard work is paying off. It's also an invitation to anyone looking for motivation with their own weight loss struggles.

Both John and Emily see themselves as a source of inspiration for others.

"I'm loving every minute of it," John says with a big smile. "The weight is falling off, I've dropped four shirt sizes, four waist sizes in my pants. My blood pressure pills are cut in half and my energy level is up."

"I can't believe how fast it's gone," Emily says just before she jumps into a group zumba class. "I didn't expect to feel this good this quickly. I feel like I walk taller. You just feel so much stronger."

Healthy living vendors will be on hand as well as cooking demonstrations and healthy eating classes.

Bring your workout clothes and lose your inhibitions as  zumba classes will  be given in the park. Beginers are welcome.

The event will go from 9am to 1:30pm with weigh-in scheduled for 12:30.