Sumter County boy airlifted with broken foot after dog bite, deputies say

Owner gives up brindle bull dog to Animal Control


BUSHNELL, Fla. – A 7-year-old Sumter County boy was airlifted with a broken foot after he was bit a few times by his neighbor's dog on Thursday.

Deputies said the boy was riding his bicycle in the road at his home on County Road 317A in Bushnell when his neighbor's dog, a 3-year-old male American staffordshire Terrier mix, came through the fence and grabbed the boy by his ankle.

The boy's stepfather said he ran out into the roadway and kicked the dog, making the dog let go of the boy, who suffered 2 to 3 bites and a broken ankle. The boy was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital Orlando.

The dog's owner told deputies he immediately wanted to surrender the dog, Bull, to Animal Control. The owner said Bull had never bit anyone before and was very good with kids in the past, but was very protective of the yard and their children.

Bull was taken to Animal Services without incident. County Administrator Bradley Arnold said Bull will be euthanized once it's cleared for not having rabies.

Investigators say there is no indication that the boy provoked the attack or that it wasn't an accident.