Video shows Twerker falling, catching fire

Caitlin Heller made dance tape for boyfriend

The twerking craze has caught on fire as of late.

But for one would-be twerker, things got a little too heated.

Caitlin Heller was just a girl trying to make a simple video for her boyfriend. When it ended, she had crashed into a glass coffee table and set her leg on fire, WPLG-TV in Miami reported.

During the recording of the video, Heller was upside down against a closed door. It's when the door is opened by an unnamed guest that the "fun" really begins.

Caitlin apparently is OK as she's the one who posted the video and added, "I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)"

Since Miley Cyrus performed her twerking exhibition during the MTV Video Music Awards last month, the dance has become a controversial sensation. Even the Oxford Dictionary people have dipped a toe onto the dance floor by making "twerk" an official word.